Client Testimonials


I had an incredible experience at the 200-hour teacher training at Serenity Yoga School, where the skill and expertise of teacher Marcie Evans are apparent from day one. I found the training to be well organized, thorough, and balanced. It achieves an impressive depth of study in asana and anatomy, while maintaining the breadth necessary to orient students to the complex, ancient discipline of yoga.

The training emphasizes the importance of keeping all students safe and teaching to the level of each student in the class. Marcie has extensive background in kinesiology and anatomy, and it means that trainees come away truly understanding how each pose should be performed and aligned at a physical level. And more importantly, it means that trainees become adept at choosing and modifying poses for specific practitioners—understanding that varying body types, physical abilities, and injuries all factor into creating a safe, effective class. Trainees learn strategies for effective teaching and begin practice teaching with fellow trainees early on.

I came away from this experience not only with confidence in my ability to teach safe, effective classes, but with a deep understanding that yoga is so much more than asana alone. Training with Marcie means that I have a solid foundation in pranayama, meditation, Sanskrit pronunciation, yoga philosophy, and Ayurveda, and can weave them into my teaching. It also makes me a better student of yoga, unlocking what has become for me a truly transformative practice. I am grateful this training has given me the opportunity to share this practice with others who are eager to learn.

Lindsey Flannery
Cedar Rapids, IA
My experience with the 200 hour yoga teacher training at Serenity was all that I'd hoped it would be and more! Marcie took such an interest in us each as whole beings and instructed with care and compassion. I had previously experienced only a small taste of what yoga could be and now my eyes and my heart have been opened wide. Yoga has become so much more for me than going to a class and practicing asana. I was sad when the training was over except for the fact that my journey as a teacher has only just begun!

Kim Cox
Little Rock, AR
Although I had already been teaching yoga for 4 years, it had always been a goal of mine to attain my RYT. I chose Marcie as an instructor because I felt that her program was designed in such a way that I would be well equipped to teach yoga to a wide variety of people and at varying levels of a yoga practice safely. Marcie was able to take the knowledge I already had and then build upon it to make me a better instructor. I think one of the things I appreciated most about her program is that it wasn't all about a physical practice, she helped me realize that we can practice yoga off our mat as much as we do on it, and inspire our students to do the same. Marcie did an excellent job of taking the knowledge we had to learn and helping us incorporate it into our teaching; whether it was an understanding of anatomy and biomechanics of a pose, bringing philosophy into our teaching, or understanding and developing an awareness of the chakras. I feel that after going through her training program I have attained a deeper awareness of myself and the need for my own practice, which in turn feeds into a passion and skill in teaching.

Age: 38
Coralville, IA
Serenity School of Yoga is a phenomenal training program that will provide you with the confidence and knowledge to not only enhance and inspire your students, but to transform your own practice as well. As a student, I always want to learn from Marcie Evans! Marcie is an extremely clear and motivating teacher. She will provide you with a depth and understanding of the biomechanics of each pose that help you feel them in a new way. Marcie has helped make me a stronger teacher by giving me the tools I need to succeed in any situation, on or off the mat. She is very accommodating for all types of students and honors each individual's level of practice and limitations. Her warmth and deep commitment to the practice always brings out the best in me and makes the study of wellness and yoga fun!

Barb King
Age: 26
Shalimar, FL
My yoga journey has exposed me to instruction at weeklong intensives in Mexico and Montana; workshops in Minnesota, Illinois and Iowa; Ashrams in Virginia and Colorado. Some of those teachers are regular contributors to yoga publications and occasionally appear on their covers. My choice to study for my teaching certificate with Marcie Evans at Serenity Yoga was made in large part because she embodied the teaching expertise, depth of knowledge and caring attitude I learned to associate with those esteemed yogis. May your journey be enhanced with Marcie as well.

Age: 68
Iowa City, IA
Though yoga has been around for a very long time, I did not really understand the concepts or the practice, but knew yoga was something I needed and wanted. I chose to become a student of Marcie’s because I knew she would be very comprehensive in her approach to training. Marcie is excellent at blending activities required of the course and employs a variety of strategies and techniques to keep students engaged in learning. In addition, she is very sensitive and flexible to the unique needs of each student. Marcie’s training program provided me a solid base of knowledge from which to continue my personal yoga journey. After training was completed, I realized the mental practice was just as enjoyable as the physical practice. Yoga has impacted my life in so many positive ways such as improving relationships and interactions with others. Yoga has helped me to realize that who I am is enough.

Solon, IA
If you're looking for personal, hands-on yoga teacher training, Serenity is your place and Marcie is your teacher. I went into this class expecting a fuller, deeper knowledge of asana. I got that, and SO much more. Marcie encourages you to push your boundaries, physically, energetically, in a myriad of ways. Upon completion of training, I realize that my shoulders, my eyes, and my heart have been opened....and there's still room to grow.

Muscatine, IA
After taking Marcie's 200 hour teacher training, I felt a great sense of accomplishment. The weekend training sessions were intensive with a great deal of emphasis on anatomy and safety for the student. I learned everything I needed to lead a fulfilling and safe class to my students.

Ronda Whitney
Fairfield, IA