About Our Studio


Serenity opened on the Eastside of Iowa City in 2008. We quickly outgrew our space during the last 5 years and decided to reconstruct, locating in the same building. We are right next door to our old space!

Our newly designed Yoga, TRX and Pilates Studios were created just for you with our Earth in mind. Our studios provide a relaxing space where you can hang out, enjoy your practice, and chat with friends.
We have gone green!


Our Green Features:


  • Sound proof insulation to maintain indoor temperature and keep a quiet space
  • LED lighting for less electricity use and to provide a beautiful bright space
  • Carpet made from recycled material in Pilates studio
  • Bamboo flooring in the Yoga studio (bamboo is a more rapidly renewable resource than hardwood)
  • A point-of-use water heater that heats only what we use to wash our hands
  • A hydration station with hot and cold water for drinks to reduce plastic bottle waste
  • Low water use toilet and faucet


Want to find out more? Set a time to come in and check us out!