Mary Pogge

Mary Pogge began her lifetime interest in fitness and health early, getting hooked on yoga through Lilias on PBS when only 10 years old. She has practiced yoga both with instructors and on her own ever since childhood. When living in Iowa City in the 80s and 90s, she became involved in martial arts, earning a black belt in Tae Kwon Do through Jung's Tae Kwon Do of Cedar Rapids. In 1993, her family moved to the Ann Arbor area of Michigan and her years as a stay-home mom, caring for her special needs daughter, brought Pilates into her life. She began teaching at a private studio eight years ago, earning a certification in Stott Pilates through Equilibrium Studios in West Bloomington, Michigan. After moving from the private studio to the Ann Arbor YMCA, she and her daughter made the circle complete, returning to Iowa City. Mary has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Nebraska Wesleyan University and is also a published writer. Good health, good friends, and a commitment to lifelong learning are her ingredients to a good life!

Mary Pogge instructs the following:
  • Antigravity FUN1!
  • This class uses the Harrison Antigravity Yoga Hammock as an interesting and exciting way to improve stretch quality, providing a safe way to practice inversions. The Antigravity hammock is perfect for placing the spine and pelvis in traction, thereby reversing the effects of gravity on the spine. It also provides deep tissue massage, and great proprioceptive challenge!

  • Mindful Flow
  • A basic yoga class for those who would like a slow, mindful flow, a little strength, stretch, and meditation. A refreshing focus on alignment, leads to balance in mind and body for all!

  • Essential Mat Pilates
  • This is an Essential Mat Pilates class. Good for creating strength and stability in the joints while toning the body. This class is good for those without current injuries, as they are more easily accommodated with the equipment. Please join us for Reformer Pilates for post PT and post-injury therapy.

  • Pilates for Every Body!
  • This Pilates class will address issues of the aging body, sharpening the mind-body connection you will gain new found strength and flexibility from this class! Modifications will be provided for those with special needs.

  • Essential Yoga
  • Essential yoga teaches the foundations of Hatha yoga. In Sanskrit, ha, means sun, while, tha, means moon. The sequencing for this class will explore these opposing energies and how they relate to the body. We will begin with warming breath techniques to focus the mind and prepare the body for movement. Using our breath as a guide and barometer, we will move through a series of poses seamlessly connected to prepare and warm the body for standing, balancing, and twisting postures. These poses help to build strength, stamina, and increase concentration. Next, we will transition into the lunar side of class where students learn the difference between active and passive yogic stretching. This process encourages muscular flexibility in seated poses, while simultaneously cooling off and rejuvenating the body. Restorative postures and meditation techniques may also be taught to assist in the relaxation process, bringing awareness around the body opening and releasing stress. This class is for yogis of all levels. People dealing with recent injuries or surgery should meet with the instructor prior to class for an assessment of mobility.

  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Doctor's release form is required for participation in this class. This prenatal yoga class is taught by a trained prenatal yoga instructor. Prenatal yoga promotes good breathing technique for relaxation and good hormone production. It can help relieve the aches and pains of pregnancy, create a relaxation response conducive to easier pregnancy and labor and ease emotions creating a stronger emotional bond between mom and baby. This class is great for any trimester, but not recommended for most high risk pregnancies. If you have questions, please consult your physician.

  • Moderate Mat Pilates
  • Please contact studio before class to ask about enrollment. For those who have experienced at least 8 weeks of Essential Pilates and are ready to challenge and push the limits!