John Jadryev

A self described "yoga junkie" John estimates he has participated in well over 1000 yoga classes from over 40 different teachers and that's what he brings to his classes; a little of this and a little of that, favoring no particular style, yet respecting all within a measured, gentle context offering the opportunity to explore and deepen each asana.

John Jadryev instructs the following:
  • Classic Hatha Yoga
  • Beginners welcome! Come and take a journey through mind, body and spirit. Classic Hatha Yoga is a practice that focuses on finding peace and contentment in the posture. Poses are chosen carefully with class participants' needs in mind and held longer, allowing the body to fully embrace the posture. Breathing is emphasized and each class ends with a meditation. Join is for an hour that feeds the soul and the body!

  • Gentle & Relaxation Yoga
  • This class is for those with injuries and conditions that may not allow them to enjoy a faster-paced, flowing yoga class. We will breathe, focus on strength, balance, and flexibility. There will be a strong focus on breathing and deep relaxation.