Bri Postlewait

Bri first discovered yoga in 2008 after an injury incurred while pursuing a B.A. in Dance at the University of Kansas. She began her dance training at the early age of three, and found as she grew older that yoga and improvisational movement were much more personally rewarding. She practiced yoga for seven years before deciding to pursue a professional career, and has benefited from all styles of yoga, especially restorative. Bri has also worked as an improvisational dance teacher, adding the element of music to discover how the body can be drawn to various rhythms. With her dance background and interest in the breath-body-movement connection yoga teaches, she likes to create classes that teach traditional yoga postures and breath techniques, while also encouraging free-form movement to discover the hidden and unique voice within all of us.

Bri Postlewait instructs the following:
  • Restorative + Meditation
  • Restorative yoga meditation combines restorative yoga poses with classic manual stretching techniques. Each yoga pose provides passive stretching through the use of bolsters and various other props. Poses are held for several minutes while the instructor may provide manual adjustments to deepen your experience within each posture. All classes incorporate breathing practices and guided meditation.

  • Essential Yoga
  • Essential yoga teaches the foundations of Hatha yoga. In Sanskrit, ha, means sun, while, tha, means moon. The sequencing for this class will explore these opposing energies and how they relate to the body. We will begin with warming breath techniques to focus the mind and prepare the body for movement. Using our breath as a guide and barometer, we will move through a series of poses seamlessly connected to prepare and warm the body for standing, balancing, and twisting postures. These poses help to build strength, stamina, and increase concentration. Next, we will transition into the lunar side of class where students learn the difference between active and passive yogic stretching. This process encourages muscular flexibility in seated poses, while simultaneously cooling off and rejuvenating the body. Restorative postures and meditation techniques may also be taught to assist in the relaxation process, bringing awareness around the body opening and releasing stress. This class is for yogis of all levels. People dealing with recent injuries or surgery should meet with the instructor prior to class for an assessment of mobility.

  • Nightcap Yoga
  • End your day with gentle yoga for deep relaxation. This class assists students in calming the body and relaxing the mind. After a busy day sitting at the computer, chasing kiddos, or studying, it can be hard to create time for relaxation. Sleep is an essential part of our health that allows the body to move into its natural state for healing — helping to reverse the effects of stress and anxiety. In this class we work on letting go of our hectic schedules by moving slowly and mindfully through yoga postures, helping to ensure a peaceful night’s rest. Using yoga as a way to relax naturally allows us to wake up refreshed and focused so that we may experience each day with renewed vitality.

  • Tween/Kid's Yoga (8-12 yrs)
  • This Yoga class is designed for kids ages 8-12. Please ask us if you have questions about the age range as it is flexible depending on the maturity of the Youth. Youth yoga is similar to an adult yoga class, with a little more fun to maintain interest! Yoga at this age can help build self-confidence and self-esteem, prepare and allow more flexibility and strength for youth sports, and help to prevent future injuries. It can also help those with anxiety, attention deficit and other difficulties.

  • University Outreach Class (Offsite Only)
  • Mat Pilates Offsite Class